Concrete mortars

Concrete mortar provides the necessary strength at each point in the foundation.

Multifunctional concrete C20/25 according to NF EN 206/CN
Field of Application
Betomur can be used for :
- reinforced and unreinforced concrete constructions,
- pouring lintels, posts, bases, screeds, etc,
- pouring foundations, structural decks, etc. inside and outside,
- to fixate traffic signs, fences, etc.
Betomur is a homogeneous mixture of binding agents, sand and additives to improve the characteristics of the concrete :
- Binding agents : Portland cement in accordance with NF 197-1.
- Granulates : sieved and recomposed river sand 0/8 in accordance with NF EN 13139, NF EN 12620+A1 and NF P18-545.
- Additives : specific additives to improve the workability, the stability and the pumpability of the concrete.
Betomur concrete is a dry, pre-mixed micro-concrete mortar appropriate for all types of small concrete works.
- Ready to mix
- Easy to apply
- Multifunctional
- Can be used inside and outside
Preparation substrate
During repair work, the substrate must be clean, dust-free and completely free of oil, grease or any other residues that could affect adhesion. Moisten the surface well with water without saturation or use an adhesive primer such as Cera'grip HB on the cementitious substrate. Then apply Betomur wet-in-wet.
Smooth surfaces should be mechanically roughened.
Never work on frozen, thawing surfaces or in case of risk of frost within 24 hours.

When pouring foundations, pour the concrete on a plastic film.
After pouring compact Betomur by vibration, ramming or punching.
When applying the concrete and the hardening process, the ambient temperature and that of the substrate must be between +5 °C and +30 °C.
After implementation, immediately clean all tools with water. Hardened concrete can only be removed mechanically.
Protect the concrete surface from drafts and desiccation using an appropriate post-treatment method (by covering it with a plastic film or a wet hessian, by humidification or with a curing product, etc.). Warning : some curing products can negatively influence the adhesion of any posterior topcoats.
Protect the work against cold, heavy rains, wind and temperatures above +30 °C.
Yield :
- ± 525 L of concrete per ton dry concrete,
- ± 13 L of concrete per 25 kg dry concrete,
- ± 5 L of concrete per 10 kg dry concrete.
Technical data
Strength class
C20/25 in accordance with NF EN 206/CN
Compressive strength after 28 days
≥ 25 N/mm²
Grain size
0/8 mm
Water requirement
± 11%
Consistency of wet concrete
S3 / F3
Exposure classes
XC0, XC2 in accordance with NF EN 206/CN
± 525 L/ton
Density hardened concrete
± 2100 kg/m³
Betomur is packed :
- in 10 kg plastic bags (2 x 10 bags a box, 540 kg / shrink-wrapped pallet,
- in 25 kg plastic bags on shrink-wrapped Euro pallets of 1200 kg,
- in 1200 kg bigbags,
- in bulk (silo).

Shelf-life in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging, if dry-stored, is 12 months.

The preparation of the substrate and the application of the product must be carried out in the rules of the art and respect the Technical Information Notes of the CSTC/CSTB and the technical datasheet.

The technical characteristics mentioned are determined by tests according to the applicable standards and storage conditions.
Preparation mixture
Mix Betomur with approx. 11% clean water (about 2,75 L per bag of 25 kg or about 1 L per 10 kg bag).
Preferably mix mechanically (at least 3 minutes), to the desired consistency.
The mix should be homogeneous and free of lumps.
Open time of the fresh mixed concrete is ± 2 hours (at a temperature of 20 °C).
Concrete that has started to harden should not be remixed or reused.

In case of application by means of the Cantillana Silomix system, we refer to the application guide. It is available on request.




Fast setting anchoring concrete - no mixing required
Field of Application
Fixbeton is recommended for:
- sealing posts, stakes, picket fences, umbrella-type clothes dryers, outdoor games (swings, etc.), mailboxes in the ground,
- fixing of ornaments and garden and urban furniture (benches, picnic tables, etc.) and pergolas in the ground,
- anchoring advertising columns and traffic signs in the ground.
Fixbeton can be applied without prior mixing with water.

Limitation of use: cannot be used as structural concrete.
Fixbeton is a dry, premixed, fast-setting anchoring concrete, specially developed for anchoring in the ground without the need for prior mixing with water.
2 bags of 25 kg are sufficient for a foundation of dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 cm.
- ± 525 L of mixed concrete per ton of dry concrete,
- ± 13 L of mixed concrete per 25 kg of dry concrete.
Technical data
Compressive strength at 28 days
≥ 25,0 N/mm²
Grain size
0/8 mm
± 525 L/tonne
Bulk density of hardened concrete
± 2000 kg/m³