Accessories and additives

Our accessories and additives simplify the work in tough weather conditions.

Granol’plus Chrono
Setting accelerator for organic façade renders.
Field of Application
Granol’plus chrono is used as a setting accelerator for Granol, Granosil or Regacryl.
Granol'plus Chrono can be used during cold and humid seasons.
Additive for façade renders such as Granol, Granosil or Regacryl façade paint, to improve protection against unforeseen rainfall.
This additive makes plasticized renders more resistant to water and humidity in the first setting stages. It can also be
used at temperatures above 20°C.
Granol'plus Chrono is effective from + 5 ° C to + 15 ° C and in humid conditions . The relative humidity must not exceed 85%.
Granol’plus Chrono doesn’t have a yellowing effect, but can however create small colour differences.
0,5 L per 25 kg of plasticised render or 15 L of paint.
Technical data
Water Based
+/- 1,05 g/cm³
Bottles of 0,5 L.

Restriction of working under the advised temperature. Granol’plus chrono can create a slight colour change in the plasticized render. It is possible that Granol’plus Chrono increases viscosity of the organic render, if necessary add some clean water. (max. 2%)