Mortars for masonry

Masonry or brickwork is the skeleton of your building. The use of the right mortar is thus of the utmost importance.

Masonry mortar forms the basic bond between the bricks and/or blocks. That is why the mortar is the most important component of your house or building.

These technical masonry mortars provide the right solution for specific masonry problems.

The joint work can take up from 15 to 25% of the total surface area. With our range of coloured mortar, you can let your creativity have free reign.

We offer suitable mortars for aerated concrete, cinderblocks and limestone blocks.

BENOR masonary morters

With these products, you can keep the thickness of the joints between the blocks to a minimum

This traditional joint mortar is available in an expansive colour palette and is suitable for new construction as well as renovation work.