For everything that does not include the actual tile – from floor-levelling mortars to tile adhesives – Cantillana is the right partner for you.

This basic tile adhesive can be used inside as well as outside – for several different applications.

Do you have a floor with thermal load requirement? In this tile adhesive line, you’ll find four products that can withstand high heat levels.

Cera’fix FH83 is suited for inside and outside use, both in dry and continually wet surroundings. These tile adhesives are used in medium bed applications.

Due to the fluid state of its aggregate, this is an outstanding tile adhesive for bridging irregularities in the surface.

Thick bed tile adhesives are suited for setting floor tiles in a traditional manner. By using Egalfix there is less chance of spots forming on the substrate.

Cera’stick HP is a flexible tile adhesive paste that is suitable for gluing wall tiles inside of the house and for stone strips outside of the house.