Our pavement mortars are ideal for medium traffic loads. Appropriate for new grout as well as renovating old grout joints.

Organic colour range

Let yourself be inspired by the 150 basic colours, diverse colour series for paints and resin (Granol – Granosil) plasters.

Mineral colour chart

Lime (Tradi'chaux) and mineral (Granicem) plasters are available in 48 soft ‘mineral’ shades.

Decor colour chart

Our plaster with marble effect is available in 28 shades. A Decor plaster has no solid colour but different shades, which makes this series so unique.

Coloured joint fillers

Our coloured joint fillers are available in 18 different colours, which can give your house that personal touch.

Custom Colours

Do you have a specific colour in mind that you cannot find in the colour range? Give us your colour code and we will custom-make it for you.

Please note! 
The proposed colour shades on colour ranges and charts are for technical reasons only indicative and not binding. The reproduction of the colours only intends to provide an overview of the colour possibilities within our range. If you want a specific colour, please refer to the appropriate colour chart or request a sample.