Exterior Walls

With 60 years of experience in wall insulation and installation, you can refer to us as your exterior wall specialist with confidence. Being a trusted and reliable partner for the professional, the homeowner and the architect is essential for us. 

The structure is the frame or skeleton of the final building in which one lives or works. Even though you no longer see the shell of the structure once all the work is done, it determines everything that concerns the appearance. In addition, the building’s durability is guaranteed by the actual structure itself. Making the right choices during this phase of construction is of crucial importance. With a structural specialist such as Cantillana, you’ve found the ideal partner.

We also make a number of products available for civil engineering construction. For stability, structure, sanitation and drainage projects, Cantillana offers technical mortars with superior characteristics that are perfectly suited for their specific area of application.

You can count on Cantillana tile products for any type of tile work, whether it is inside or outside or at the start or end of a job. Thanks to the combination of German know-how and Belgian expertise, we have created high-quality products that perfectly meet the needs of the professional: easy handling and a lasting result.

Our range or granular aggregates is very broad: granular aggregate for masonry, decorative aggregate and technical granules.

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