Joint mortars

This traditional joint mortar is available in an expansive colour palette and is suitable for new construction as well as renovation work.

  • Joint’in

    Pointing mortar for brickwork


    Technical sheet

    Field of Application
    Joint'in is suitable for the final pointing of all brickwork, both in new constructions and in the event of renovations/restorations.
    Joint'in creates joints of joint hardness category VH35 (manually densified), VH45 (pneumatically densified) in accordance with CUR recommendation 61.
    Joint'in is a premixed, water-repellent dry mortar for the final pointing of external brickwork.
    Yield :
    ± 550 L of concrete per ton dry mortar
    ± 14 L of concrete per 25 kg dry mortar
    ± 5,5 L of concrete per 10 kg dry mortar
    ± 2,8 L of concrete per 5 kg dry mortar
    E.g.: ± 7 kg/m² for an area with stone dimensions of 210 x 100 x 50 mm
    Technical data
    0/2 mm
    Strength class (NBN EN 998-2)
    Dry bulk density
    ± 1,750 kg/m³
    Mixing rate
    ± 9%
    Dry density of hardened mortar
    ± 1900 kg/m³
    Compression strength after 28 days
    > 15 N/mm²
    class VH 35 (compacted manually), VH 45 (compacted mechanically)
    ± 550 L/ton

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